Oct. 31, 2017

New UAF wilderness program carries on tradition of empowering girls


Oct. 20, 2017

Girls on Ice and Women in Science: Joanna Young and Claudine Hauri talking to Robert Hannon for an episode of Northern Soundings


Aug. 15, 2017

Girls in Icy Fjords is featured in Seward City News


Dec. 14, 2016

Claudine’s work is featured in the Scientist Interview of the Alaska Ocean Acidification Observing Network


Dec. 1, 2016

Article about Claudine’s work on UAF NEWS webpage


Nov. 19, 2015

Q & A with Ocean Conservancy


Nov. 13, 2015

Our study discussed during Science Friday on KUAC


Nov. 3, 2015

Listen to Australia’s ABC coverage of our Nature Climate Change paper:

Ocean acidification puts small Southern Ocean sea creatures at increasing risk


Nov. 2, 2015

Article in Australia’s “The Age”:

Abrupt changes in food chains predicted as Southern Ocean acidifies fast