Chukchi Sea carbon dynamics

Physical Biogeochemical Mooring in the Chukchi Sea

As part of a UAF effort and with funding from the Alaska Ocean Observing System and the North Pacific Research Board, Seth Danielson, Andrew McDonnell, Peter Winsor, Russell Hopcroft and myself have initiated a long-term ecosystem mooring in the northeastern Chukchi Sea. The mooring was deployed for the first time this summer and will record throughout the year, including the under-sampled and poorly understood seasons when strong storms or sea ice typically prevents ship-based sampling. During the current deployment we are recording water current speed and direction, ice draft, wave height, wave period, wave direction, size spectra of suspended sediment, temperature, salinity, conductivity, pressure, fluorescence, light, and water clarity. Over the next few years we will add additional instruments to measure nitrate, dissolved oxygen, partial pressure of CO2 and pH. The mooring was placed in a “biological hotspot” and in close proximity to Barrow Canyon, which will help us to get a better understanding of the interdisciplinary controls of the Arctic biogeochemical pump. Take a look at my recently published article (doi:10.1002/2013GL058267) to learn more about CO2-system dynamics in the Chukchi Sea.

Mooring ready for the test deployment in Seward
Mooring ready for the test deployment in Seward.
Testing the instruments during the deployment in Seward
Testing the instruments during the deployment in Seward.
Moorings_Sept_2014 030
Deployment of the mooring in the Chukchi Sea, Fall 2014.

Moorings_Sept_2014 034

Moorings_Sept_2014 040
Moorings_Sept_2014 043